The Best Golf Courses for Learning New Shots in Myrtle Beach

The Paradise of Golf – Myrtle Beach

Situated in the heart of South Carolina, Myrtle Beach is a golf-lover’s paradise, offering ornamented fairways meticulously ornamented by top architects of the golf world. Renowned as the ‘Seaside Golf Capital of the World,’ its mild weather and flat terrain create the perfect setting for golf, making it a great place to learn new shots.

True Blue Golf Club

Begin your golf journey at True Blue Golf Club, known for its wide fairways and undulating greens. Full of character and creativity, the Club is littered with vast pitfalls, water hazards, and sandy waste areas that challenge your various shots. Every round is a different experience here which helps beginners revamp their skills as they face unique challenges like the drive-able par-4 and demanding par-3s.

TPC Myrtle Beach

Next, head over to TPC Myrtle Beach, which is positioned among the top 20 courses in South Carolina by Golf Magazine. Here, you will practice uneven lies, tee shots, approach shots, and putting on a course that is Fazio-designed emphasizing precision over distance.

The Dunes Golf and Beach Club

A trip to Myrtle Beach would be incomplete without a round at the prestigious Dunes Golf and Beach Club. This course will transform the way you play, requiring strategic, thoughtful shots to tackle the tricky greens. The Dunes’ signature hole – the par-5, 13th, known as Waterloo – features a sharp dogleg around Lake Singleton and tests the skills of even the most seasoned players.

King’s North at MBN

Also, don’t miss King’s North at Myrtle Beach National. Known for its myriad of hazards including ‘The Gambler,’ a risk-reward par-5, this course is a great place to test your newly honed skills. You’ll learn how to take risks and perfect your drive, and as you improve, you’ll start making confident, strategic decisions about shot placement and club selection.

Caledonia Golf and Fish Club

Finally, visit the Caledonia Golf and Fish Club, an award-winning Mike Strantz design. Caledonia boasts enchanting views along the Waccamaw River. Its striking vistas may distract you, but pay attention – its short holes are deceiving, and incorrect positioning can easily lead to cautious chips or gnarly bunker shots.

The perfect blend of beauty and challenge, these courses in Myrtle Beach are meticulously designed to help you learn and practice new shots while immersing you in the splendid surroundings of South Carolina’s beach town. Each course offers different challenges and requires different strategies, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience for amateur golfers.

Consistent Practice is Key

While being an extraordinary golf player requires considerable talent, it’s also about practice. Myrtle Beach gives you the perfect opportunity to practice on beautiful, challenging courses. Learn to understand how wind, elevation, and hazards influence your play and shape your swing. Get better at making shot selections, playing in various conditions, and, most importantly, putting with precision.


As you immerse yourself in the golfing paradise of Myrtle Beach, remember this – while each hole presents an opportunity for perfection, it also offers a learning experience. So book your tee time and let the golf journey begin, because in Myrtle Beach, the opportunity to learn, practice, and play thrilling rounds of golf is limitless.

17 thoughts on “The Best Golf Courses for Learning New Shots in Myrtle Beach”

  1. The courses in Myrtle Beach are truly top notch. True Blue Golf Club is my absolute favorite. Decent mix of wide fairways and sharp corners.

  2. Can’t wait to try and tackle Waterloo at The Dunes! Sounds like quite a challenge, but that’s what golf’s all about, isn’t it?

  3. Visited Myrtle Beach last season and totally agree with you. The courses there really did help improve my game. Great article!

  4. PuttPerfectPaul

    So many great tips in here, thanks for sharing! Looking forward to putting my practice into play on these beautiful courses.

    1. Happy golfing! Let us know how your practice pays off on these beautiful courses. Remember, the progress is in the practice. #GolfIsLife

  5. Having been to the True Blue Golf Club, I can vouch for the fact that every round there truly is a different experience! Makes the game exciting and unpredictable!

  6. I’ve found that ‘The Gambler’ at King’s North is a real test of character. Do you take the risk or play it safe? Always a fun decision to make!

  7. Wow, these courses sound like both a challenge and a treat to play on! Question for anyone who’s played at Caledonia – How does it stack up in terms of difficulty when compared to other courses at Myrtle Beach?

    1. Caledonia is indeed a challenge, but a rewarding one. The layout is deceptive, with a lot of careful strategy needed, especially on the seemingly shorter holes. But that’s what makes golf exciting, doesn’t it? It’s a great testing ground to apply your skills.

  8. I’ve been to Myrtle Beach last year and it was an absolute dream. Played at the Dunes Club and let’s just say the Waterloo hole lives up to its reputation!

  9. Great blog! This makes me want to plan a trip to Myrtle Beach right away. Can’t wait to test out the strategies at the Dunes, especially the Waterloo hole! Has anyone else been there and have any tips on playing it?

  10. As a Myrtle Beach native and golf enthusiast, this post really sums up the charm and challenge of our courses beautifully. But let me tell you, that ‘Gambler’ at the King’s North, no kidding, it really tests your patience as well as your skills! Lol might need to add some ’emotional stability’ highly recommended for that hole. Great post!

  11. Great read, but I have to admit some of those water hazards still give me nightmares! Any tips for getting past the intimidation factor? #WetGolfBalls

    1. I understand those water hazards can be intimidating indeed. What helped me get over them is visualizing the shot and focusing on the target, not the water. Mentally, play as if the hazard isn’t there. Confidence is key!

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