The Most Family-Friendly Golf Courses in Myrtle Beach

When it comes to variety, excitement, and all-round golfing adventures, Myrtle Beach, affectionately referred to as the “Golf Capital of the World,” boasts some of the finest golf courses in the world. Among its extensive selection, certain courses shine when it comes to welcoming families. These courses offer diverse challenges, kid-friendly amenities, and extensive training programs that make golfing in Myrtle Beach a unique experience for every member of the family.

Legends Golf Resort

Legends Golf Resort is a true gem that stands out from the crowd, with its varieties of challenges that both seasoned golfers and young enthusiasts can appreciate. This multi-course complex includes five top-rated golf courses: Heathland, Moorland, Parkland, Oyster Bay, and the Heritage Club. Each course showcases different difficulties and unique terrains, providing an adrenaline-pumping experience for every skill level.

One crucial element that makes Legends Golf Resort stand out for families is its first-class kids’ golf program. The courses offer free play for kids aged 16 and under when accompanied by a paying adult, making it a wallet-friendly choice for families. Moreover, the resort provides junior tees on every hole, giving youngsters a fair roll of the dice.

Arcadian Shores Golf Club

Arcadian Shores Golf Club provides an ideal combination of natural beauty, interesting gameplay, and family-friendly amenities. Designer Rees Jones skillfully blended risk-and-reward strategic elements into this exciting and challenging course, which regularly garners accolades for its design.

Arcadian Shores truly pampers families with their amenities and offers. Free golfing for kids 16 and under (when playing with an adult), coupled with a sprawling practice area with a driving range, a chipping green, and a putting green, provides younger golfers with ample opportunities to get to grips with the sport.

Myrtle Beach National’s King’s North Course

King’s North at Myrtle Beach National has remained one of the most popular courses in Myrtle Beach for over 25 years. This Arnold Palmer-designed course provides golfers an engaging and memorable experience. Known for its “Gambler’s Hole”—a risky yet rewarding par-5 from an island fairway—it keeps players coming back for more.

Families likewise appreciate the junior player-friendly setup and comfortable atmosphere of King’s North. The course offers plenty of worthy challenges for all skill levels, and children can play for free when accompanied by an adult, sweetening the deal for family golf outings.

Myrtlewood Golf Club

Located in the heart of Myrtle Beach, the two courses at Myrtlewood Golf Club, Palmetto and PineHills, are a go-to for locals and tourists. Not only do these courses offer mesmerizing views of the Intracoastal Waterway, but they are also particularly welcoming to golfers of all ages.

Myrtlewood’s “Family Tees” encourage families to play together regardless of skill level. For junior golfers, the courses provide a safe space to learn and develop golf skills. The inviting family atmosphere, budget-friendly offers, and picturesque views make Myrtlewood a must-visit for golfing families.

Tidewater Golf Club

Rounding up our list is Tidewater Golf Club, often dubbed as the “Pebble Beach of the East.” This course’s captivating natural beauty is matched by the intelligent design of Ken Tomlinson, creating a unique blend of playability and aesthetic charm.

Tidewater has a reputation for being friendly to players of all skills, making it an excellent choice for families. The staff’s professionalism and commitment to service further enhance the family-friendly ambiance. With excellent playing conditions year-round and impressive views, it’s no surprise that families flock back year after year.

Golfing in Myrtle Beach is far more than just a sport—it’s an experience savored by all ages. From budding young golfers hoping to improve their swings to seasoned veterans seeking new challenges, it truly caters to everyone. With such outstanding family-friendly golf courses, Myrtle Beach offers the perfect blend of sports, relaxation, and family fun. Enjoyment is guaranteed, both on and off the green!

7 thoughts on “The Most Family-Friendly Golf Courses in Myrtle Beach”

  1. We recently visited Arcadian Shores Golf Club. Excellent course, but the highlight was their practice area. Let’s just say my son’s putting has improved tenfold!

  2. Ah, Myrtle Beach, the Golf Capital of the World indeed! So many amazing courses to choose from. I think we’re going with Myrtle Beach National’s King North Course this time- the Gambler’s Hole sounds intriguing!

  3. Haven’t been to Myrtle Beach for a while, this post makes me want to pack the clubs up and head there tomorrow. Golfing vacation here we come! Thanks for the recommendations.

  4. Has anyone tried Tidewater Golf Club? Thinking about that for next summer’s family golf trip. Would love to hear some firsthand experiences. Cheers!

  5. Ahh, the ‘Golfer’s Paradise’ as I like to call it! Played at Legends Golf Resort and King’s North, Myrtle Beach and the experience has been top-notch! The fact that they’re kid-friendly is an added bonus. Myrtlewood Golf Club is next on my list. Although, gotta admit, the ‘Gambler’s Hole’ at King’s North still gives me nightmares. 😜

  6. HoleinOneDad_85

    Great post. I have been to Legends Golf Resort with my kids and can attest to the excellent courses and family-friendly atmosphere there. Always worth a revisit.

  7. GolfEnthusiast345

    Love the in-depth coverage of these family-friendly golf course at Myrtle Beach, being a father and a golfer, it’s always great to know I can enjoy a good game while allowing my kids to learn the sport. Wondering if any of these courses also provide personal coaching for the kids? It’ll be great if they do!

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